Will Rogers Loop From Rivas Canyon Road

At Will Rogers (Mile 13)--clean
13.6 miles

This is a loop course that starts and ends at the intersection of Sunset and Rivas Canyon Road. The run takes the beautiful Rivas Canyon Trail, with several great view points, to Temescal Park and the Temescal Park Waterfall. From the Waterfall, the run continues up the Temescal West Ridge to the Temescal Ridge Fire Road and then back through the Polo Field at Will Rogers State Park via the spectacular Will Rogers Backbone Trial and finally back to the intersection of Rivas Canyon Road and Sunset. From the high school, proceed up Temescal Ave. and turn right on Sunset. Just after Chautauqua, turn right on Brooktree and park. Be very quiet, because the residents here are very pissy. Walk back to Sunset and cross in the crosswalk to the other side of Sunset and go right 50 yards to Rivas Canyon Road. This is the beginning of the run.