Backbone Trail training run #1 (SATURDAY)

Date Trail Head Start Time Distance
Jan 14 6:30 18

Event Instructions

Markers: Bob & Avalon from Will Rogers, Art from Stunt in reverse direction.

TRC is holding four training runs to support the "Coyote Cohorts Backbone Trail Ultra" that will be run on March 11.

Info of the March event is to found here.

During this training run Altra shoes will be present to demo shoes.

Course Details


Trailhead, Hub, Near Trippet


Trailhead, Near Trippet

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Scheduled Runs Subject to Change

On rare occasions, road closures, fires, torrential rain or other natural disasters force us to change the run location. Please check the club web site on Saturday night for the most up-to-date schedule information.

New Runners

Please get to the trail head at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club and/or have not run the trail before.

Course Description

From Will Rogers State Park we ascend the Backbone Trail with ocean glimpses of the Santa Monica Bay. The continuation to the Hub will next connect via Eagle Springs Road and Musch Trail. After refreshing-up at Trippet Ranch, we casually descend the Dead Horse Trail. After the lush Hondo Canyon, we take one last ascend to the top--finishing the first leg--with a view of the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island and the horizon is almost at the curvature of the earth. Beautiful! After one short trail to Schueren Road -the Fossil Ridge trail- there are fossils embedded into rocks seen at the right. Our first Bacbone trail section ends at the top of Stunt.
MEETING LOCATION: That morning, we will be meeting at the fork of Schueren Road and Stunt Road and we will carpool from there at 6:30 AM with the fewest cars possible to our start at Will Rogers State Park.

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