Irving's Run

Date Trail Head Start Time Distance
Oct 22 7:00 11 miles

Event Instructions

MARKER OF THE DAY:  Bob & Avalon - Thank you. !!!!!

Course Details


Nike Station at 6.5 miles **


Nike station at 6.5 miles

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Scheduled Runs Subject to Change

On rare occasions, road closures, fires, torrential rain or other natural disasters force us to change the run location. Please check the club web site on Saturday night for the most up-to-date schedule information.

New Runners

Please get to the trail head at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club and/or have not run the trail before.

Course Description

This run, suggested by Irving Hoffman, starts at the end of Westridge Road and follows the fire road up to where it intersects with a utility fire road that goes down into Mandeville Canyon. From Mandeville Canyon the route goes up Hollyhock Fire Road to Canyonback Fire Road and then North to Mulholland Drive. Once on Mulholland Drive the run goes up to the former Nike Radar Station and Park where there is a rest room and drinking fountain. From there, the route goes back down the Westridge Fire Road to the start.

Meeting place and parking is at the "dead" end of "Westridge Road",  off Mandeville rd. on Sunset Blvd. 
PLEASE KEEP VOICES DOWN early in the morning for the neighbors enjoying their quiet Sunday morning.
Google map of location, click here.

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