Reseda/Trippet Ranch

Date Trail Head Start Time Distance
Jun 24 7:00 12.4

Course Details


Mile 5 & Mile 10



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Scheduled Runs Subject to Change

On rare occasions, road closures, fires, torrential rain or other natural disasters force us to change the run location. Please check the club web site on Saturday night for the most up-to-date schedule information.

New Runners

Please get to the trail head at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club and/or have not run the trail before.

Course Description

Starting at the end of "Reseda Blvd." -off Freeway 101- it's a very accessible and popular trailhead.

For once we are starting at the other side of Topanga SP. This way you'll get a mix of great trails without running anything twice. It's a figure eight with an extra little loop at the start/beginning.

At the gate we take the single track on the right and run the fireroad that takes us to the Hub (with outhouse), from there we take Eagle Springs road to Trippet Ranch with bathrooms and potable water. Then we'll connect with the Mush Trail back to Eagle Rock, then drop down on the very beautiful Garapito Trail. Once back on the Fire road we take the Bent Arrow Trail back to Mulholland where we turn left and which brings us back to the trailhead at the end of Reseda Blvd.

Directions on Google maps:

Park "before" the yellow line: that's where it's FREE parking.
(Park close to trail head behind the yellow line: that's where you pay a State Park FEE.)