Zuma Canyon loop from Busch

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Jan 28 7:00 11

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Scheduled Runs Subject to Change

On rare occasions, road closures, fires, torrential rain or other natural disasters force us to change the run location. Please check the club web site on Saturday night for the most up-to-date schedule information.

New Runners

Please get to the trail head at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club and/or have not run the trail before.

Course Description

We start this run at the "Zuma Ridge Trailhead", at the end of Bush Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Point Dume.

The course is for 100% a loop and is 11 miles total. Some rolling miles in the beginning, then long ups and once at the crossing Zuma Edison rd with Zuma Ridge trail it's all downhill from there! This is not an overly used area with some great single track and lots of runable dirt roads. It can be hot and there is NO water on the course.

Lots of canyon views and even more amazing ocean views.

Those that would love to add some mileage to this run, there's an option to run an out & back on Zuma Ridge trail UP to Buzzards Roost (approx. 1 mile out) -or further if desired- before taking this trail back down all the way to the start/finish. We will mark this point with a double arrow with the letters OPT pointing to your out&back.

There is also a great opportunity for hikers or those that want to go only short to hike/run a very scenic 3.8 mile loop with the Canyon View trail and head back via the Ocean View trail. Ask for a map at the start.

This course is dog friendly.

(This is part of the Sean O'Brien Ultra marathon courses. The parking lot at the end of Bonsall Drive is where Trail Runners Club is hosting the Bonsall aidstation on race day. For the Sunday club run we start at a different location as the Bonsall drive parkinglot is closed for the night until 8am.)

Parking area with trail head location on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/8NiWb