Flagstaff Rocks the Rockies

The third stage of the 6-day GORE-TEX TransRockies Run began in Leadville, Colorado and ended at Camp Hale. Stage 3 covered 24.3 miles, with 2,700ft of elevation gain. As we are now halfway through the event, signs of cumulative fatigue are beginning to show in many of the racers - the massage and medical tents are busy!

In addition to the team-based 6-day event, the GORE-TEX TransRockies offers a RUN3 event, in which racers participate solo for just three of the stages (58 miles). The RUN3 event has concluded, with Oregon-based Max King (Montrail) and Flagstaff-based Alicia Shay dominating the Men's and Women's categories. King covered the 24.3 miles of trail in 3h8m and Shay blazed through in 3h15m. Shay's times have been surprisingly close to speedster King's all week, which indicates she is definitely someone to watch in the trail scene.

For the 6-day GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, the Stage 3 standings remain largely unchanged. Team Run Flagstaff's Mike Smith and Rob Krar crushed the course in 2h44m, topping the Open Men's category once again. Team Salomon's Mario Mendoza and Jorge Maravilla came in a distant second in 3h2m. Team Colorado's Justin Ricks and Jim Rebenack crossed the line in 3h9m.

In the Open Women's category, the two La Sportiva teams took first and third place: Pam Smith and Jenny Capel finished first in 3h53m, and Nicole Gildersleev and Shauna Connaughton took third with 4h31m. Lorin Pierce and Sarah Carter narrowly beat La Sportiva with a 4h30m for second.

Team EverymanTRI continues to race, finishing the day in 4:32.

For more information about the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, or the full list of results, go to www.transrockies-run.com.

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