GORE-y Details

GORE-TEX has been the primary sponsor of the TransRockies Run since the race's inception, so at last year's race I was able to see GORE-TEX products on display and in use. I think I know a fair amount about gear, but I began to realize how little I actually knew about the structure surrounding the Gore-Tex name. Here are two key things I have learned since:

1. It is a massive company.
I was formerly under the false impression that Gore-Tex was a 'company' specializing in waterproofing technology. In reality, Gore-Tex is just one of the many technologies within the still-privately-held parent company W. L. Gore & Associates, which seems GE-esque in its size and divisional breadth. They make everything from cables to medical products to the protective suits our firemen wear.

2. GORE is also a freestanding gear brand, serving runners and cyclists.

Gore-Tex is the technology behind OTHER great brands, in an 'Intel Inside' kind of way, and the list of companies that leverage Gore-Tex is rather impressive. What I hadn't previously known, however, is that GORE also makes non-waterproof gear under the GORE brand.  If you consider the brain trust in a company like W. L. Gore & Associates, with their deep expertise in materials science and The Great Oudoors, then it only makes sense they also develop apparel and accessories for those of us who run and bike.  W. L. Gore also produces a Windstopper technology that is available in many of their running and cycling apparel products.  Check out the Gore Apparel website.

Since GORE Running Wear is a new sponsor of TransRockies this year, we ordered shirts from the website that will soon be emblazoned with 'Team EverymanTRI' (the Gore Apparel site does a good job of describing fit, something we are both picky about).  We chose shirts that will vent and breathe well, since TransRockies weather during racing hours tends to be quite hot.  Stay tuned and we will let you know how they perform!

Paul's Team EMT shirts
GORE Flash Shirts

Lori's Team EMT shirts