Frequently Asked Questions

Barring torrential rain or wildfires in the area, the run will be as shown on the Schedule page of our website:  The Club runs rain or shine. Click on a run to see a course description and directions to the trailhead.

If the run appears threatened by heavy rain or wildfires we will possibly cancel the run altogether or move the run to a safer location.  In these instances an e-mail message is sent to Club members and posted to our website.  We ask potential members to check the website the morning of the run or send us an e-mail to 24 hours before the scheduled run requesting next day run information.

We prefer you meet us at the trailhead 15 minutes before the treal head start time.  When you arrive at the trailhead please tell the group leader who you are so that he or she can check you in.  By adding you to the roster you will be accounted for and we will be able to check you off the roster upon your return to the trailhead.For further details regarding the meeting place click on Run With Us on the homepage in the brown toolbar or click here:  Scroll down to the section called Meeting Location.

The meeting time at the trail head is shown on the Schedule page under Main Start. Please get to the trail head a little early; at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club or have not run the trail before.

At this time we don't really have two different groups. All of us start together with the Main group. 

Yes of course!  Feel free to come out and try going out for a couple of miles and turning around.  You’ll likely be surprised how far you can run, as the typically lush scenery will spur you on.  The great camaraderie we have also motivates one to run a little further than they may be accustomed to.

All of our runs are marked with white flour arrows.  Arrows are typically made with a single directional.  These are used for loop and point-to-point courses in which we do not return to any point along the run.  For keyhole courses in which there is an inner loop arrows will be marked with both directionals at the end of the loop portion to signify the “return” section of the course.

We know.  It’s difficult to explain.  We think it will make more sense when you actually see it. 

Starting early allows us to finish our runs before the heat of the day, especially during the Summer, without having to vary our schedule depending on the time of year.  The early start also means you'll finish the run with the better part of the day still remaining to spend with family and friends.  Many of our members run with the club every weekend and appreciate the minimal impact on their weekend.

"YOU MUST CARRY WATER!!!" at "ALL" our runs   Runs on hilly trails in Southern California are hard, long and hot. We recommend wearing a hydration backpack or a waist belt with water bottles.   It is also recommended to have some electrolytes and calories with you especially for the longer runs.   Running stores carry a big variety of products.

In the Santa Monica Mountains there is a wide variety of wildlife.  You are most likely to see rabbits and deer, which of course pose no threat to humans (assumingly you aren’t interested in becoming a threat to them).  Coyotes and bobcats are also common and are afraid of humans.
There are six or seven known mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Despite what you may have heard mountain lions are extremely unlikely to attack humans.  If you see a mountain lion and it does not immediately flee get up on your tiptoes, raise your arms and make yourself tall to scare it away.
Additionally during the warm summer months it is possible for rattlesnakes to be in the vicinity of the trail.  If you see a rattlesnake on the trail stop and wait for it to leave the area.  Do not try to walk or run around it or jump over it. 

Yes of course!  When you meet the group at the trailhead please tell the group leader that you are new and would like someone to run the course with you.

You do not have to join the Club prior to your first run.  We invite you to run with us 2-3 times to see if you enjoy the Club, all we want you to do is sign the waiver when you come out the first time.  After that time you can pay the membership fee and become an official TRC Club member. Club membership fee is $35.00 for one individual and $55.00 for a family membership, the period of membership is from January 1st until December 31st each calendar year, payable via UltraSignup

We’re glad you asked!  The Sunday morning runs are just the start of things with Trail Runners Club.  Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Post-run refreshments. We understand that a busy lifestyle may prevent you from sticking around however the Club always enjoys post-run refreshments and conversation after each Sunday run.
  • Discounts for attire at local area running stores and discounted registration for select running events.
  • An annual Club party.
  • “Special Event” runs outside of our regular Sunday runs. In the past year we have done trail runs in Riverside County, the Channel Islands, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park (for the 12th time in as many years)and San Francisco.

Read our Run Guidelines.  Then print out the Application/Waiver.  Fill out the Application/Waiver and bring it with you to your first run.

Feel free to send us a message by clicking on Contact Us on the brown toolbar on our homepage or by clicking here: Contact Form.  One of our Club members will answer your question(s) in a prompt manner.