Next Club Run

Date Event Trail Head Start Time Distance
Apr 30 Art's Paramount Ranch 7:00 11.4


Most of our runs begin at 7:00 am sharp.

Please get to the trail head a little early; at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club or have not run the trail before.

Non members please bring waiver.

2017 Membership via UltraSignup only.

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About Us

The Trail Runners Club, founded on 1988 by Stan Swartz -Director Emeritus- meets every Sunday morning to run one of many courses throughout the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, sometimes also in the San Gabriel mountains and other areas. We run only on single track trails and fireroads.  If you live in or are visiting the Los Angeles area and enjoy running in natural settings with great people, you will love the Trail Runners Club. Annual membership now via UltraSignup.

Happy trails, Ann Ongena - club director

Palisades Post article about the Trail Runners Club

The Palisades Post recently printed an article about the Trail Runners Club.  Unfortunately, the online version doesn't include the great picture of some of the members.  The full text of the article is available, though.  Click here to read the full article.
If you're wondering why the article seems to be just about men, it's because this article ran in a special section of the paper called "Everything for Men". 

Just Another Saturday Morning Run for Thomas and Mieko

In trying to increase their fun and weekly mileage, Thomas and Mieko have been doing their long runs on Saturdays.  Their idea of long runs is 30+ miles in rough terrain.  Last Saturday was no exception--a fun 40 miler.  Thomas, with Google maps, elevation charts and rosary beads plotted quite a course for himself and Mieko.  Unfortunately, Google Maps has not mastered showing areas where "NO TRESPASSING" signs are posted.  According to Thomas, they only had to do these "violations" 6 times.  In Mieko's own words,

27th Annual Turkey Trot Fun Run

Come join us for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Fun Run.  It's a great way to start off the special day with a calory-burning spectacular run.  I can't think of a valid reason why you can't make it.  It's free, you are not working that day, and it will remove any guilt associated with overeating later in the day.  The course will take us through Santa Ynez Canyon on a 10 mile loop.  It is well-attended by a bunch of fun-loving runners--Don't miss out--See Details.

King's Canyon the hard way

I received this note from our very own Irving Hoffman who just returned from a hiking adventure in the Sierra's:

I had a great time backpacking in the High Sierra’s for 5 days from the 3rd of August through the 7th of August.  I did some strenuous climbing with a 50lb backpack and learned about all the stuff I really didn’t need to take with me. 

Jes Does Disney (Tri)

So – for anyone who is interested – a brief (ok – maybe not so brief) story of my first Triathlon.

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