Next Club Run

Date Event Trail Head Start Time Distance
Feb 25 Liberty Canyon Run 7:00 11


Most of our runs begin at 7:00 am sharp.

Please get to the trail head a little early; at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club or have not run the trail before.

Non members please bring waiver.

2018 Membership via UltraSignup only.

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About Us

The Trail Runners Club was founded on 1988 by Stan Swartz  (03/10/1934 - 05/30/2017).
We meet every Sunday morning to run one of many courses throughout the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, sometimes also in the San Gabriel mountains and other areas.
We run only on single track trails and fireroads.
If you live in or are visiting the Los Angeles area and enjoy running in natural settings with great people then you will love the Trail Runners Club.

Annual membership now via UltraSignup.

Happy trails, Ann Ongena - club director

Jes Does Disney (Tri)

So – for anyone who is interested – a brief (ok – maybe not so brief) story of my first Triathlon.

Twenty Extraordinary Trail Running Years

Trail Runners Club    1988 – 2008
As I look back on the last 20 years the first thing that comes to mind is how much I’ve enjoyed the mountains, their gorgeous and challenging trails, the outstanding camaraderie we have experienced and the wonderful friendships we have formed with fellow runners. 
I have experienced many wonderful high-lights during these years. A few of them include:

Do Not Pick a Fight With This Woman

Did you have a tough run last Sunday?  Here is how Mieko’s run went up in Washington –A very tough 50 mile trail run in the elements:

Don't Break Your Arm But Pat Yourself On The Back

This is quite a group—These Trail Runners.  After you’ve been with the group for awhile, you get little tidbits from members, and after a bit you realize that some of your pals are pretty amazing.

Marathons in 23 States...and Counting

Some people try in a lifetime to collect a postcard from each of the 50 United States. Others, like my crazy friend, Maureen, risk life and limb to collect photos of themselves crossing each state's state line. But the Trail Running Club's Rachelle Nesgoda and a group of dedicated runners has a goal that makes those shrink in comparison: she's setting out to run a marathon in each of the fifty states.

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