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Date Event Temescal Canyon Meeting Time Trail Head Start Time Distance
Aug 24 La Jolla Canyon/Guadalasca/Ray Miller Trail 6:15 7:20 14 miles

Meeting Time

The standard meeting time on Temescal Canyon Road at the Palisades High School track is:

6:15 AM

(leaving for the trailhead at 6:30am SHARP!)

See the Run with us page for directions and map.  For trailhead meeting times please see the schedule.  Some special events may have earlier meeting times.

INKnBURN Mommas are in the TransRockies
6 days 11 hours ago
Busch Drive/ Zuma Canyon
10 weeks 2 days ago
Bark Trail into Millenium Loop Trail
10 weeks 2 days ago
Grand Canyon 2014--Memorial Weekend
11 weeks 2 days ago
Running Shoes Donated to Peru
13 weeks 1 day ago

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The Trail Runners Club meets every Sunday morning in Pacific Palisades to run one of many courses throughout the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. We run primarily on trails and fireroads. If you live in or are visiting the Los Angeles area and enjoy running in natural settings with great people, you will love the Trail Runners Club. For more detailed information about our runs refer to the Run With Us page.

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You Might Want to Reread The "Magic" Article

Michael and Ann competed in the Bandit Races last Sunday.  Michael ran the 50k in 2nd Place Overall--very amazing.  Ann was the 2nd woman in the 30k Bandit Trail Run.  Maybe we should re-read their "Magic" article in their training regimens.

Post Results:  Rob also showed his strong 30k.  His new training diet (without potato chips) is already resulting a PR.

No Magic To Get Faster

Ann AKA Rocky
For the last several years, both Michael and Ann have dramatically improved their trail racing.  We other mortals will probably not duplicate Michael's nor Ann's regimen, but maybe we might improve our training techniques somewhat.
Thanks for divulging your secrets...

Santa Cruz Island ---April 9, 2011/ PAST DEADLINE

This is one of those opportunities you shouldn’t pass on. We have 25 seats for this trip. It is a one day club event leaving Ventura Harbor for a 1 hour boat ride to beautiful Santa Cruz Island. This year will feature a run from Scorpion Anchorage to Cavern Point, then, on to Montanon Ridge for spectacular views and back (8 miles round trip on the map) followed by a casual lunch. The boat leaves for the mainland at 3:30 PM and arrives back at Ventura Harbor at 5:00 PM. Usually we see as many porpoise and whales as we want. The total cost is $59. Please make sure your dues are current.

On the outside chance that the boat people have to cancel due to weather, we will proceed to run a 13 mile to Bony Mountain at the Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa National Park and Pt. Mugu State Park, for an alternate run and lunch that same late morning. If that happens, each of us will have to eat up an $8 for lunch. If you can’t make the reschedule, Island Packers will refund the boat fare--$51.

Try not to miss this trip—It is special. Check out the pics from some of our previous trips. Attached is the registration form—please don’t put it off and miss the boat. Send it in ASAP. Members will need $59 for the boat and $45 TRC membership, if it is lapsed or will lapse before April 9th.  If you are not sure, ask Stan at


Channel Island Registration_2011.doc23 KB

TransRockies Run

This year from August 21-26,  200 teams of two and 50 RUN3 solo runners will take on the Colorado Rockies for a running experience like no other. During the six days of the GORE-TEX and TransRockies Run, runners from all over the world will run, eat and live together as they cover 115 miles of spectacular scenery, fully supported by a dedicated and professional Event Team who will look after all aspects of their food, accommodations and on-course support.Before you register please inquire with the Trail Runners Club for your discount code.

Trail Runners Club

GTTRR10 - TRC-4.pdf670.6 KB

Done for Donn

Donn 66 Brick.jpg

TRC member Donn----Congratulations on the Mother Road 100 Miler!

Thanks for the Turkey Trot

Ttrot 2010.jpg

Our 29th Annual Turkey Trot was a beautiful 9.5 mile trail run on Thanksgiving morning.  Stan and his capable volunteers made the run so much fun.  Thank you all!

Mucky Mieko

Mucky Mieko

 By Mucky Mieko Member:

OMG, it was amazing race. 

Los Pinos 50K, per Race Director "
"This is arguably the toughest 50K in Southern California. Wimps and whiners need not apply. You must possess a strong body, mind and soul, otherwise the trail will eat you alive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you."

Big Sur Country


A motley group of runners organized on Sept. 25-26 for the Trail Runners Club (TRC) event in Big Sur. Members met for lodging in Monterey and Big Sur. Most of the group, in anticipation of our 20-mile run slept slightly anxiously. Most runners were thoroughly prepared with breakfast meals, gels, snacks, water hydration packs and running apparel.

I Will Never Complain Again


My long run is usually about 10 to 14 miles. Sometimes, I complain if a trail is too steep, rocky, or even muddy. I will never complain again. Last weekend, Mieko started running Saturday morning at 8:30AM in Corona, until she finished SUNDAY afternoon at 2:30 PM near Huntington Beach. This was the 100-Miles Club course--all on streets and sidewalks. Just imagine that Mieko was tracking her distance over 93.5 miles for 30 hours.

Lucky 13 Go to the Grand Canyon (by Billy Yang /

Grand Canyon: Rim-to-Rim Run 5/22/2010
This past weekend, a few members of the Trail Runners Club and I embarked on an epic run across the Grand Canyon. This is commonly referred to as 'Rim-to-Rim' run, as in the North Rim to the South Rim, or vice versa.

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