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Date Event Trail Head Start Time Distance
Feb 25 Liberty Canyon Run 7:00 11


Most of our runs begin at 7:00 am sharp.

Please get to the trail head a little early; at least 15 minutes earlier if you are new to the club or have not run the trail before.

Non members please bring waiver.

2018 Membership via UltraSignup only.

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About Us

The Trail Runners Club was founded on 1988 by Stan Swartz  (03/10/1934 - 05/30/2017).
We meet every Sunday morning to run one of many courses throughout the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, sometimes also in the San Gabriel mountains and other areas.
We run only on single track trails and fireroads.
If you live in or are visiting the Los Angeles area and enjoy running in natural settings with great people then you will love the Trail Runners Club.

Annual membership now via UltraSignup.

Happy trails, Ann Ongena - club director

Trail Runners Hit the Wine Country

Adam, Kathy and Liz

Several Trail Runners made it up to the Wine Country to participate in the Napa Valley Trail Half-Marathon and 10k on March 27, 2010. In spite of the pre-race indulgences, all enjoyed the beautiful but tough course. Adam ran a blistering 1:41, and sisters Liz and Kathy also competed in the half-marathon. Aviva and her husband Jeff finished the half together, looking extremely strong at the finish. The Tri-Girls- Helen, Heather and Amy, brought a friend from New York, Peggy, who ran her first race. Animal Helen came in second in her division.

Halloween in the Desert--Javelina 100-Miler

Mieko and Donn pre-race

Halloween is a busy time for a lot of us, but not many do as much running around as four of our Trail Runner members. Patricia, Donn, Mieko and Art went to Arizona to celebrate the holiday at the Javelina 100-miler. Patricia was very focused and had trained very hard to improve on her finish of last year. Donn was a beacon of persistence, and not to be denied. And Mieko—just over a bout with the flu, but not about to stay home, made the trip with a smile and a Halloween costume (Greek Goddess). And what can you say about Art?

Joe and Mary do the Transrockies

"We recently had the opportunity to compete as a team in a 114-mile trail race over six days across the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. We would never have been able to do something like the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run without the great training and support we enjoy as part of the Trail Runners’ Club." ----Joe
Here are both Mary's account and Joe's account of that very memorable experience.

Transrockies Run 2009 - Mary's article 2.pdf961.13 KB
2009 Transrockies Race Report - Joe's article.pdf206.89 KB

The 3 Maidens of Mayhem Cruise Thru Local Races

Ever find there are 2 races you want to do in the same weekend? Can’t decide which one to do? Our own Maidens of Mayhem—Amy, Heather and Helen recently solved that dilemma when their favorite Manhattan Beach 10k and the LA Triathlon fell on a recent Saturday and Sunday. They did both. After cruising the 10k on Saturday, they competed in the Olympic LA Triathlon the next day. The triathlon was a little hairy though. Early on there was a small-craft advisory in local waters with 10-12 foot seas.

Rookies Go To The Bay For The Firetrails 50

Well, a couple of our members just ventured off into the realm of ultras. Art and Michael are pretty modest, so I thought I would spill the beans. Both rookies just competed in the Firetrails 50-miler. The course is in the Bay Area along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail; fireroads and single track with gorgeous views of San Francisco and Mt. Diablo with 7,800 feet of climb.

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