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It is with great sadness that we must inform you of Ernie Chalekson's passing. Yesterday, November 23, Ernie was running with the club on the Millennium Trail in Calabasas.  It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful setting.  We ran and chatted with Ernie for a long time, and then he ran on ahead of us, gathering speed as the rest of us tired.  About 12 miles into a 14 mile run, he made one final climb, and unfortunately never made it down again.  A small group of us were close behind him; we performed CPR, called 911, and watched in disbelief while a chopper landed in the adjoining field.  Paramedics worked on him for some time before we helped load him onto the helicopter, but tragically Ernie was gone.

33rd TRC Turkey Trot Fun Run

THANK YOU to all that came out to our 33rd Turkey Trot run on Thanksgiving.

TRC 33rd Annual Turkey Trot


The TRC 33rd Annual Turkey Trot is fast approaching, so mail your registration by November 24th.  The event will meet Thanksgiving Day at 6:30 AM and we will start running at 7:00 AM. After some post-run refreshments, your day will still have your appetite to be back in plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving Day.


Our event is not to be confused with the Topanga Turkey Trot which will occur the same day. Our course will be marked with orange flour arrows.  This is a “no fee” event established for ourselves and for the benefit of the trail running community.  See the attached flyer and has the details.

If any club members are available to volunteer helping during the event, please contact Ernie.  No matter what you volunteer for, you'll still be able to run!



The Goat beats us to the top of Baldy--Sept.14

Mt. Baldy with blue skies was a gorgeous Sunday.  We coursed a wonderful loop planned by Ann.

INKnBURN Mommas at TransRockies


The  "TransRockies run" has started the 120 mile/six days race in the high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from August 12 through August 17.  We are very proud of TRC members Ann and Skye teaming up in the Team 80+ WOMEN division.  The total experience will span 120 miles in 6 days with 20,000 ft gain elevation.  As you can see the smiles of Ann and Skye beaming there positive aura in the INKnBURN Mommas.

Grand Canyon 2014--Memorial Weekend

The Trail Runners had a successful expedition during the Memorial Weekend to the Grand Canyon. The planning of the Club's trip was methodically carried out perfectly, and thank you Ann for all your exacting work.

Running Shoes Donated to Peru

Thanks Trail Runners Club--Coupling with Desy Reinstein, of Andes Adventures, we had a very successful collection of running shoes donated to Peru. The Peruvian porters will really appreciate the running shoes. Desy organizes trips to Machu Picchu, Patagonia, and the Galapagos Islands. He is taking another trip in August, so if you have any running shoes for donations, just bring them to any Sunday morning run. Women's shoes are encouraged too, since Peruvian feet tend to be smaller than our counterparts.

Thanks again members,

Bob Peitzke's Passing

Hello Trail Runners,

I am so sorry to tell you that our good friend Bob Peitzke has passed suddenly yesterday. Those of us who knew Bob, will sorely miss him. Corey, Bob's son-in-law, has graciously communicated us that Bob's life in celebration will be at St. Matthews Church in Pacific Palisades May 3rd at 1 PM.

In Peace,


The New Spring Schedule is Out

OMG Trail Runners,
Are you ready for our 2014 Spring Schedule?  Do Not miss it!  We will start in January up the beautiful Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain and through the self-guided Mt. Lowe Railway.
Then, in February and March we will run the entire BackboneTrail in 5 manageable segments, and it will be very exciting.
Santa Cruz Island running is a gem--You won't ever forget it, so remember April 5th.
Finally, The Grand Canyon Trip will be definitely memorable in May.  Those who run Rim to Rim or doubles, remember,  "It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it’s like." – Jack Schmitt
Lace your kicks and get ready blasting our new schedule.


Truly A Day for Thanksgiving

As usual, the rain gods halted the impending rain for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day on our 9.5 mile run from the Santa Ynez trailhead. It was so good to see our friends running, chatting, eating and hugging.  Stan appeared at the finish of the 32nd Annual Turkey Trot.  How much better can it get any better? 

Of course we were very thankful for the plentiful year and next year should be very exciting with our upcoming schedule.