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32nd Annual TRC Club Turkey Trot Fun Run


The TRC 32nd Annual Turkey Trot is fast approaching, so mail your registration by November 25th.  The event will meet Thanksgiving Day at 6:30 AM and we will start running at 7:00 AM. After some post-run refreshments, your day will still have your appetite to be back in plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Our event is not to be confused with the Topanga Turkey Trot which will occur the same day. Our course will be marked with orange flour arrows.  This is a “no fee” event established for ourselves and for the benefit of the trail running community.  See the attached flyer and has the details.

If any club members are available to volunteer helping during the event, please contact Ernie.  No matter what you volunteer for, you'll still be able to run!



Run Registration 2013_Trot_Fillable.pdf166.31 KB

Montana de Oro Weekend--DON'T MISS THE WEEKEND NOV. 15-17

Montana de Oro

Don't let your opportunity slipping away from the weekend of November 15-17 with the exciting club event in Cayucos.    Driving from Friday afternoon, you drive north about 3 1/2 hours to  the seaside city of Cayucos at Shoreline Inn on the beach ($109/day)--You have to call the hotel directly for the "Hot Winter Special" at (800) 549-2244.  Saturday we caravan south (14 miles/22 minutes) to Montana de Oro, running a 15-mile loop  from Spooner's Cove.  Many centuries ago the Chumash  Indians lived near and used many of these same trails.   Average November temps are 69/49, then after the run,  we can retreat to Morro Bay to get a bowl of hot chowder before returning to our Cayucos hotel.  There is a very, very nice restaurant across from the hotel.  The next morning, just north of town,  we can run for an out and back run along the beach/bluff, and there is plenty of room to shower and check-out.  For breakfast before going home, you could eat at Cayucos or drive 15 miles north to the picturesque village Cambria.  Also, if any members would like to camp, Morro Bay State Park is also an option.

Trembling with excitement,

Stan--a Fitting Tribute

Come out and meet us all to celebrate Stan's 25 years of directing the Trail Runners Club. We will have brunch together Sunday September 15th, 11:00am at the Wolf Creek Restaurant, 26787 Agoura Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302. Stan Swartz founded the Trail Runners Club in 1988. Through his club, for 25 years, he hosted a run every Sunday morning on the beautiful trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. He created wonderful club courses and bundled them together in his well known book "50 Trail Runs in Southern California". He directed the Sunday runs and the many special event runs. For most of us, the Trail Runners Club was our first introduction to trail running and these wonderful trails. We want to thank our founder and celebrate his years of hard work and dedication, and for setting the trend in the expansive trail runners community we know now. Thank you -- Stan Swartz -- Director Emeritus.

Two INKnBURN BadAss Mommas

El Fin--Stage 6.jpg

The last Stage 6 was 4,900 ft in elevation gain over 20.9 miles.  Nothing was easy here.  Skye and Ann consistently kept in 1st place again over this punishing course.  It couldn't have been any better---Congratulations Badass Mommas.

Stage 5 is on the books.  The Dadass Mommas took the stage and gained 26 minutes more.  Over 23.6 miles with 4,200 ft.gain, these girls ran from 8,700 ft to 11,701 ft and back on tough trails in less than 5 hours.  Also, they bathed into the vistas and took pictures too.  Don't ever challenge them to anything--PERIOD.

Ann and Skye took 1st place in Stage 4 which started from 9.200 ft. to 11,678 ft. and there was 2,900 ft. over 14.1 miles.  The Mommas gained 10 minutes and lead by 39 minutes overall.  Tomorrow will be Stage 5 spanning 23.6 miles over 4,200 ft. gain.  I have a feeling they are ready for it.

Team Two InknBurn Badass Mommas, Skye Colclough and Ann Ongena, bounced back from a second place Stage 2 finish to notch their second win of the week in the 80+ Women’s division of Stage 3.  Their time of 4:40:55 placed them seven minutes ahead of Kim Kortz and Megan Anderson and widened their overall lead to 28:59. Stage 3 climbed 2 peaks to almost 11,000 ft.over 24.2 miles with an elevation gain of 2,800 ft.  Lookin'Good.

The Mommas are still holding their 22 minute advantage after Stage 2.  The team of Megan Anderson and Kim Kortz won Stage 2 by 2 seconds over Ann and Skye.  This was a very tough 13.3 mile course.  The first 7+ miles gained 3,250 ft. and was reached at 12,536 ft elevation  --Ouch!  Hope Pass is a fitting eponym.  This is so exciting--here is the Stage Post 2.


Ann and Skye had an awesome start in Stage 1 Women 80+  of the TransRockies.  The stage covered 20.9 miles with 2,550 ft of elevation, and they started at 7,900 ft. to 9,300 ft and back to 8,300 ft.  You are rockin'.  See the posted stages each day.


TransRockies Run 2013 - Stage 1
Date: Aug 13, 2013     
Unofficial  Results
    Location: Colorado, USA
Host Club: TransRockies Events   
 TRR - 80+ Women 188.3 km. Mass Start      117 mi     
PL     Name     Bib/Teammate/Team     Time     Diff
1     Skye Colclough     #87 Ongena, Ann   Two INKnBURN BadAss Mommas     3:40:40.2     

Two INKnBURN Badass Mommas

Badass Mommas.jpg

Meet the team--Ann and Skye

Competing in the "TransRockies run" six days stage race in the high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Photo by Garry Valle.

Summer-Fall Schedule IS OUT

Well Trail Runners, the Fall/Winter schedule is out. Our schedule in our northern-most Santa Monica Mountains will look a little different. The recent fires of our run courses will soon begin with new fresh growth. Then our moonscapes will flourish in the canyons of Pt. Mugu in our schedule.

Also, we have a special event the weekend of November 15-17th in the seaside town of Cayucos.  The course Saturday will be a 15 mile run in Montana de Oro, and half of it will be downhill.  Sunday, we will run on the bluff of the shore or possibly on the beach if the tide is low enough.  Don't miss it.

This Fall, we will have 2 runs in the San Gabriel Mountains. September 22nd--Altadena/Sam Merrill Trail to Inspiration Point and Mt. Lowe and back, and November 3rd--Chantry Flat/Mt. Zion OR Mt. Wilson Loops. Tattoo these dates on your hand.

Also, we have a new course from Leo Carrillo Park to Nicholas Flat and Mulholland and back-- thanks to Ann and Art.


Santa Cruz Island--Don't Miss it! April 6, 2013

This is one of those opportunities you shouldn’t pass on it.  It is a one-day club event leaving Ventura Harbor for a 1 hour boat ride to beautiful Santa Cruz Island.  This year will feature a run from Scorpion Anchorage to Cavern Point, then, on to Montanon Ridge for spectacular views and back (8 miles round trip on the map) followed by a casual lunch.  The boat leaves for the mainland at 3:30 PM and arrives back at Ventura Harbor at 5:00 PM.  Usually we see as many porpoise and whales as we want.  The total cost is $62. Please make sure your dues are current.

Santa Cruz Island Registration_2013.pdf72.83 KB
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Spring Schedule 2013

Our Spring Schedule will have a good shuffle of courses.  Several of our runs start in La Jolla Valley, and Guadalasca is a favorite for many.  In January, we won't need our "Stairmasters"---we will have our Puerco Canyon run this Spring. 

Then, we have the Mt. Wilson (15 mi.) assent from Chantry Flat with the beautiful vistas from the San Gabriels.  If anyone wants to choose Mt. Zion (10 miles) instead of Mt. Wilson, you probably won't need a afternoon nap.

What a Great Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2012.JPG

Our Thanksgiving Day was a beautiful day running our 9.5 mile course from our Santa Ynez trailhead. It was so good to see our friends running, chatting, eating and hugging.  Many of us rested after Thanksgiving Day and drifted north to Sycamore Canyon for Sunday's 14-miler.  This challenging run to Chamberlain Rock spans the views of Sycamore Canyon and Serrano Canyon.. How much better can it get any better?

The Rim Trail--Sept. 23, 2012

Last Sunday the club ran a 19 miler with an uncommon path looping from Chantry Flat to Mt. Wilson.  From Chantry Flat, we ascended Sturtevant Trail through Spruce Grove and after 4 miles we climbed up to Newcomb Pass.  Reaching the pass, we turned along the Rim Trail that follows to Mt.