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Don't Miss Out--The Schedule is Out

Well Trail Runners, the Fall/Winter schedule is out.  By popular demand, the Puerco Canyon to Corral Canyon and will be back July 8th.

Then, on Sept. 16th, the La Jolla Canyon will treat us with the Ray Miller Trail--twice, plus the Scenic Trail and the Fireline Trail--Don't miss it.  Also, we have a new Mt. Wilson course on Sept. 23.  From Chantry, we will ascend the Sturtevant Trail, then up to Newcomb Pass and rising to Mt. Wilson via the Rim Trail--Can you stand it?  Descending on this loop, we will take the Winter Creek Trail thru Hoegees Camp and then passing Camp Roberts back to Chantry Flats.  This is a challenging 19 miler or some will choose the 10 mile loop to Mt Zion.  On Nov.4th, the conventional Mt. Wilson/Mt. Zion is also unparalleled in beauty.

On Oct. 13, Saturday, it will be a beautiful run in the Cleveland National Forest through Noble Canyon. Some will spend the night at a campsite (tents), and some will spend a hotel.  You can either spend the beautiful weekend in San Diego or drive home after the run.

Our Mt Boney run from the Satwiwa National Park in Newbury Park is a very challenging course, but the scenic vistas are fantastic.  Mark it on your calendar--do it. 

Enjoy life,


A Very Memorable Memorial Weekend

Our weather was perfect on the Memorial Weekend running from Sycamore Canyon to the Chamberlain Rock and back.  Here are the photos.

Malibu Crk. St. Park/Paramount Ranch--Mother's Day

It was a beautiful Mother's Day in the Malibu Creek State Park through the revised course, and including the Deerleg Trail.  Our photos were a ball.

The Legs Were Like Life

Well, the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains is 68 miles up and down from Pacific Palisades to Pt. Mugu State Park.  We quartered  this trail into 4 runs into our Sunday runs.  It was a little of a pain, since we scheduled so that most of the cars were at the finish and we took runners to the start. 

Leg 1 started at Will Rogers Park in Palific Palisades in a light rain.  As we climbed, the temperature lowered and the rain was raining harder.  We then sled down the Musch Trail and the Dead Horse Trail in slick mud in the rain--what a kick!  Then we ran as a loyal group on an often used connector to the trail that climbs  Hondo Canyon.  Now the rain

Santa Monica Mountains--150,000 Acres--A Treasure

As some of our club members appreciated looking over the spanse of hills above the blue Pacific Ocean.  Then we amazed at the million years old fossils on our trail last week.  Don't waste yourself missing this treasure--You only live once.

My Backbone is Tingling for March 25th

This is the weekend we have been waiting for, and this is an exciting opportunity for our members.  This will embark on our 68-mile run from Will Rogers to the Ray Miller Trailhead.  March 25th this Sunday will be Leg 1--17.8 miles from Will Rogers Park to Schueren Rd at the top up above Hondo Canyon.  Please do not drive to Will Rogers Park, instead to Palisades High School (on Temescal Canyon Rd.) before 6:30 AM, or directly to Schueren Rd. at Stunt Rd. at 7:00 AM.  Then we will caravan in as few cars as possible from Schueren Rd.

Kai Goes West

Hi Trail Runners,

Our Grand Wizard of Binary Websites-- Kai Yen --is finally migrating west from New York to Malibu for one weekend.  Kai has been a close friend of ours for six enjoyable and productive years.  He has been a very responsible and successful Webmaster of Trail Runners Club, and we greatly appreciate his machinations and at least two “Best Small Club Web Sites” presented by the “Road Runners Club of America”.   He will be running with us on January 8th, 2012 (Tapia Park/Bulldog Road/Corral Backbone Loop).  Slower runners can slow down and return without running the full 14 mile distance.

 After the run, all club members with paid up dues are invited to join TRC for brunch at Coogies on PCH near Malibu Canyon Road.  Trail Runners Club members will have their brunch paid for by TRC up to $10 each.  Amounts over $10 including tax & tip will be paid for by individual members. Please have single dollar bills and change to ease the payments.  If you need to bring your membership up to date, please bring $45 to Trail Runners Club on January 1/1/2012, or mail to 1035 Anoka Place, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.   Please RSVP Ernie at 310-796-6440 or Stan at 310-459-3757 by January 5th.  We need to set reservations by January 5th.

We will meet at Coogies at  10:30 a.m.

See you there,
Ernie & Stan

Which GPS Unit is the Best is for You?

Member Bob Pietzke recently sent this article comparing GPS units.  Some of the units varied, and foilage coverage and steep elevation changed considerable. Consistent distances were achieved by asking Ernie.

Run the Backbone--Spring 2012

Run The Backbone in Spring 2012
I am pretty excited about this one. This Spring of 2012 will have a unique opportunity to run the entire Backbone Trail with 4 consecutive Sunday legs. The entire trail spans 68 miles from Will Rogers Park to the Ray Miller Trail of Pt. Mugu Park. The 4 legs of 17.8 mi., 18.6 mi., 16.3 mi and 16.0 mi. are sections that will be fairly manageable, and the stringing of these trails will unite the Backbone Trail.
 Leg 1--Will Rogers Park to the top of Hondo Canyon--17.8 miles
From Will Rogers Park we ascend with ocean glimpses of the Santa Monica Bay. The continuation to the Hub will next connect via Eagle Springs Road and Musch Trail. After refreshing-up at Trippet, we casually descend the Dead Horse Trail. After the lush Hondo Canyon, we take one last ascend to the top--finishing the first leg--with a view of the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island and the horizon is almost at the curvature of the earth. Beautiful! After one short trail to Schueren Road, there are fossils embedded into rocks seen at the right.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday

Our Thanksgiving Day was a beautiful day on our 9.5 mile run from our Santa Ynez trailhead. It was so good to see our friends running the run, chatting and eating. It was good to see Stan recovering--How much can we be more thankful? Photos of Thanksgiving. Many of us rested after Thanksgiving and drifted north to Sycamore Canyon on Sunday for a challenging run to Chamberlain Rock and back. How much better can it get any better? See the Chamberlain Rock photos.