Two INKnBURN BadAss Mommas

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The last Stage 6 was 4,900 ft in elevation gain over 20.9 miles.  Nothing was easy here.  Skye and Ann consistently kept in 1st place again over this punishing course.  It couldn't have been any better---Congratulations Badass Mommas.

Stage 5 is on the books.  The Dadass Mommas took the stage and gained 26 minutes more.  Over 23.6 miles with 4,200 ft.gain, these girls ran from 8,700 ft to 11,701 ft and back on tough trails in less than 5 hours.  Also, they bathed into the vistas and took pictures too.  Don't ever challenge them to anything--PERIOD.

Ann and Skye took 1st place in Stage 4 which started from 9.200 ft. to 11,678 ft. and there was 2,900 ft. over 14.1 miles.  The Mommas gained 10 minutes and lead by 39 minutes overall.  Tomorrow will be Stage 5 spanning 23.6 miles over 4,200 ft. gain.  I have a feeling they are ready for it.

Team Two InknBurn Badass Mommas, Skye Colclough and Ann Ongena, bounced back from a second place Stage 2 finish to notch their second win of the week in the 80+ Women’s division of Stage 3.  Their time of 4:40:55 placed them seven minutes ahead of Kim Kortz and Megan Anderson and widened their overall lead to 28:59. Stage 3 climbed 2 peaks to almost 11,000 ft.over 24.2 miles with an elevation gain of 2,800 ft.  Lookin'Good.

The Mommas are still holding their 22 minute advantage after Stage 2.  The team of Megan Anderson and Kim Kortz won Stage 2 by 2 seconds over Ann and Skye.  This was a very tough 13.3 mile course.  The first 7+ miles gained 3,250 ft. and was reached at 12,536 ft elevation  --Ouch!  Hope Pass is a fitting eponym.  This is so exciting--here is the Stage Post 2.


Ann and Skye had an awesome start in Stage 1 Women 80+  of the TransRockies.  The stage covered 20.9 miles with 2,550 ft of elevation, and they started at 7,900 ft. to 9,300 ft and back to 8,300 ft.  You are rockin'.  See the posted stages each day.


TransRockies Run 2013 - Stage 1
Date: Aug 13, 2013     
Unofficial  Results
    Location: Colorado, USA
Host Club: TransRockies Events   
 TRR - 80+ Women 188.3 km. Mass Start      117 mi     
PL     Name     Bib/Teammate/Team     Time     Diff
1     Skye Colclough     #87 Ongena, Ann   Two INKnBURN BadAss Mommas     3:40:40.2     

Two INKnBURN Badass Mommas

Badass Mommas.jpg

Meet the team--Ann and Skye

Competing in the "TransRockies run" six days stage race in the high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Photo by Garry Valle.

The Rim Trail--Sept. 23, 2012

Last Sunday the club ran a 19 miler with an uncommon path looping from Chantry Flat to Mt. Wilson.  From Chantry Flat, we ascended Sturtevant Trail through Spruce Grove and after 4 miles we climbed up to Newcomb Pass.  Reaching the pass, we turned along the Rim Trail that follows to Mt.

The Legs Were Like Life

Well, the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains is 68 miles up and down from Pacific Palisades to Pt. Mugu State Park.  We quartered  this trail into 4 runs into our Sunday runs.  It was a little of a pain, since we scheduled so that most of the cars were at the finish and we took runners to the start. 

Leg 1 started at Will Rogers Park in Palific Palisades in a light rain.  As we climbed, the temperature lowered and the rain was raining harder.  We then sled down the Musch Trail and the Dead Horse Trail in slick mud in the rain--what a kick!  Then we ran as a loyal group on an often used connector to the trail that climbs  Hondo Canyon.  Now the rain

Santa Monica Mountains--150,000 Acres--A Treasure

As some of our club members appreciated looking over the spanse of hills above the blue Pacific Ocean.  Then we amazed at the million years old fossils on our trail last week.  Don't waste yourself missing this treasure--You only live once.

Which GPS Unit is the Best is for You?

Member Bob Pietzke recently sent this article comparing GPS units.  Some of the units varied, and foilage coverage and steep elevation changed considerable. Consistent distances were achieved by asking Ernie.

Run the Backbone--Spring 2012

Run The Backbone in Spring 2012
I am pretty excited about this one. This Spring of 2012 will have a unique opportunity to run the entire Backbone Trail with 4 consecutive Sunday legs. The entire trail spans 68 miles from Will Rogers Park to the Ray Miller Trail of Pt. Mugu Park. The 4 legs of 17.8 mi., 18.6 mi., 16.3 mi and 16.0 mi. are sections that will be fairly manageable, and the stringing of these trails will unite the Backbone Trail.
 Leg 1--Will Rogers Park to the top of Hondo Canyon--17.8 miles
From Will Rogers Park we ascend with ocean glimpses of the Santa Monica Bay. The continuation to the Hub will next connect via Eagle Springs Road and Musch Trail. After refreshing-up at Trippet, we casually descend the Dead Horse Trail. After the lush Hondo Canyon, we take one last ascend to the top--finishing the first leg--with a view of the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island and the horizon is almost at the curvature of the earth. Beautiful! After one short trail to Schueren Road, there are fossils embedded into rocks seen at the right.

Yosemite --If a picture shows 1,000, then a video shows 1,000,000

On our TRC trip to Yosemite on Sept.23-25 was a beautiful run from Tenaya Lake to Clouds Rest and down to the Valley.  Our production videos by member James captured our apical reach to Clouds Rest, and his condense  of our trip.  Here is the Clouds Rest climb:


And here is a condensed video of the Yosemite trip:


The Rich History is in Mt. Lowe

Hi guys,
All members are welcome October 9th to enjoy a jaunt in the nearby San Gabriel Mts. (about a 45-minute drive from Santa Monica).  Meet at 7 AM at the Trail Head at the end of Lake Avenue in Altadena--We are not starting from the high school on Temescal Canyon Road.
There is no poison oak on this course, and none of those annoying rolling hills.  The out course is up, and the return is down--so at any time you know whether you are going toward your car, or away from it.  There is no water on the course.  This course will be marked with flour arrows.  If you have any questions, let me know
The San Gabriels are very beautiful and you can still see remnants of its glorious past.  

The TRC in theTransRockies--August 21-26

Several of our TRC members commenced the TransRockies 2011 Race on August 21 for 120 miles for a beautiful but difficult experience.  TransRockies Run course runs from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of singletrack and forest road with nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.  Members of TRC coupled in 2-man teams.  Ann and Art as a team and Emmy with a teammate and Lori with a teammate. 

It won't be long and we will hear the stories and experiences of these rugged individuals.  I am so proud for them all and Congratulations!!!

 TransRockies 2011 website


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