Twenty Extraordinary Trail Running Years

Trail Runners Club    1988 – 2008
As I look back on the last 20 years the first thing that comes to mind is how much I’ve enjoyed the mountains, their gorgeous and challenging trails, the outstanding camaraderie we have experienced and the wonderful friendships we have formed with fellow runners. 
I have experienced many wonderful high-lights during these years. A few of them include:

Do Not Pick a Fight With This Woman

Did you have a tough run last Sunday?  Here is how Mieko’s run went up in Washington –A very tough 50 mile trail run in the elements:

Don't Break Your Arm But Pat Yourself On The Back

This is quite a group—These Trail Runners.  After you’ve been with the group for awhile, you get little tidbits from members, and after a bit you realize that some of your pals are pretty amazing.

Marathons in 23 States...and Counting

Some people try in a lifetime to collect a postcard from each of the 50 United States. Others, like my crazy friend, Maureen, risk life and limb to collect photos of themselves crossing each state's state line. But the Trail Running Club's Rachelle Nesgoda and a group of dedicated runners has a goal that makes those shrink in comparison: she's setting out to run a marathon in each of the fifty states.

World's Oldest Marathoner

Buster Martin of the UK may become the world's oldest marathoner at 101 years old.  He's already the UK's oldest employee as he still works a full-time job!  He plans to attempt the London 2008 Marathon.  He recently completed the Roding Valley half marathon in Essex on Sunday, March 2, 2008 in five hours 13 minutes.
Yahoo! News article
Buster's Wikipedia page

Keep Topanga State Park Open!

Trail Runners Club founded and operated the Topanga Turkey Trot and Malibu Creek Trail Challenge races for several years before turning them over to the capable hands of a company called Generic Events, also known as XTERRA.  Generic prepared the following information regarding the potential park closures...
On January 10, 2008 Ruth Coleman, Director of California Department of Parks and Recreation, announced that Topanga State Park would be one of the 48 State Parks closed if Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposal to cut $13.3 million from the state parks budget is approved.

Residents of Los Angeles County who are opposed to the closure of Topanga State Park and other local parks need to contact  the Governor and their state legislators immediately and ask them to work to keep our parks open. Let them know you oppose closing any of our California State Parks. Please act immediately as the state budget is now under consideration.

That Is Why Women Have the Babies

This is the story of Mieko.  She joined Trail Runners in July of this year.  Prior to that, she would occasionally run 3-4 miles.  Last weekend, she did an ultra, and this is her account of the event.  Pretty incredible!!!

TRC member Dale Reicheneder does it again!

TRC member Dale Reicheneder does it again!    After having to withdraw from the competition due to injury, Dale jumped back in again and for the 2nd time won the “Marathon and Shorter” 2007 Trail Runner Magazine Trophy series.   Excerpts from the Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series are below.

San Francisco Report

Well, we all made it back from San Francisco, and it was a great weekend!  Thanks to Michael and Kimberly, the lodging was great and very affordable and the restaurants were great.  The run Saturday was from Point Reyes (Bear Valley) --a beautiful forested up and down 18+miler with fantastic vistas and a beach waterfall.  After brunch and a shower, we were treated to the aerial show by the Blue Angels.  The next morning was a beautiful short 7-miler up to Mt.

Lake Tenaya to Yosemite Valley 2007

Well, there was a lot of anticipation and apprehension before our Yosemite adventure—a 17+ - mile personal challenge for each of us who took the bus to Tenaya Lake. Of course, to add to our butterflies, the bus was 30 minutes late, but we all took that in stride, even though that meant we would encounter the warm temperatures earlier—no problem!

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