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Let the Games Begin! Pre-race Observations

If you are, know, or (god forbid) live with a runner, then you are aware of the off- kilter nature of the runner personality. And nowhere is it more evident than at the start of a stupid-long race, where the self-selecting, cream-of-the-crop of Crazy convenes.

Smith and Wolfe Lead the Pack in Buena Vista

Ready To Rumble In The Rockies

Amazing how fast a year goes by...This Sunday, the fifth annual GoreTex TransRockies run st

Elite Racer Interview: Mike Smith

As part of the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Preview, Team EverymanTri caught up with Flagstaff’s own Mike Smith for an exclusive chat.

Product Review: Road ID

In 2005 I was training for my first Ironman, and got hit by a car while out for a ride.  I was in aero position, going about 28 mph on a gradual downhill in the bike lane,  and a guy in an opposite left hand turn lane decided to gun it and try to beat me across.  He misjudged.  Before I could even come out of aero position to make a grab for my brakes, I  t-boned his passenger door and flew, bike still attached, over the top of his car.  It was a rather spectacular-looking cras

Elite Racer Interview: Anita Ortiz

As part of the GORE-TEX

Product Review: Ryders Hex Photochromic

Elite Racer Interview - Ross McMahan

As part of the GORE-TEX

Injury Prevention: Hot Yoga (STILL WORKING)

Product Review: Ryders Solace

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