Westridge Course Takes a Hit

January 13th  Garapito Trail
A beautiful morning greeted us for our always tough Garapito Trail.  And Piotr returned after a year's absence due to a leg injury.  Evidently, he will have to get used to following the arrows again.  We had a pretty big turnout for this popular run.
January 20th  Westridge to Old Ranch
This casual run up Westridge and down to Old Ranch Road via Sullivan Canyon is a perfect way to end the week.  We had a new member, Kristen, a student at Pepperdine, who joined us.  She is training to do the American River 50-miler this year with her brother and dad.  She is a tough bubbly girl with a lot of grit.  She took a spill in Sullivan Canyon, jumped up, and never skipped a beat--smiling the whole time.  Part of Team Flush ( Amy, Heather, Michelle) made an appearance, but missed some arrows and hiked back up to Westridge.
January 27th  Sycamore Canyon to Chamberlain Rock and back
Oh my!  This was the highlight of the year for most of us.  A truly delightful run in the rain.  I marked the trail, and it was less than a mile before I hit the 1st stream crossing.  Only knee-deep-- that wasn't so bad.  I hope it doesn't discourage the other runners.  Then on the way up to Chamberlain Rock, there were 16 more stream crossings, (17 more according to Avalon), but none more than waist-deep.  Well, except for Art and Katy, who went neck-deep.  I'm going to help them both work on their technique.  So there I am, running alone next to a rushing stream, enjoying new waterfalls, experiencing almost aerial views of the valleys and squealing with glee.  Am I going to be a crazy old coot running alone this morning and selfishly having Serrano Valley all to myself?  Did everyone else retreat to Westridge?  Then, after the turnaround, I started to see smiling faces ascending the trail to Chamberlain Rock.  First Mieko, then Michael, Art, Avalon, and Rachelle and Phillip--all having the time of their lives.  Now we get to re-cross the streams--it keeps tired legs fresh and muddy shoes clean.  Carol, Stan, Kai, and Katy were helping Mark  videotape our experience.  It seems that the Westridge course may have taken a hit as far as being the run of choice for rainy weather.