November 12, 2007

Chantry Flats
How about that Chantry Flats run last Sunday?  I guess there wasn't anything flat about it.  Thanks to Ernie for that tip about the "little" hill at the end  ;) 
With the dry season we've been having I was surprised to see so much water.  The streams and waterfalls along the second half of the run were really spectacular.  I'm always surprised at how lush and green the San Gabriel mountains can be.  You could still tell it was Fall by the blanket of leaves in every earthtone imaginable lining the single-track trail from Mt Zion to Sturtevant Camp.  I'm sure this run will make it into the Spring schedule for anyone that couldn't make it out this Sunday.
If anyone took photos at this run, please send them to Ernie, Stan or Kai.
Will Rogers Loop
Next Sunday is the Will Rogers Loop via Temescal Ridge run.  In case you've forgotten, this run starts just before the Will Rogers parking lot kiosk and heads down into the Canyon leading into Temescal Park then up to the Temescal Ridge Trail and back down to Will Rogers Park.  This is a great run that is close by so its easy make this run and still catch brunch with the family or the late church or temple service.
Turkey Trot Run on Thanksgiving Day
The annual Turkey Trot run will take place on Thanksgiving Day.  This event is free for TRC members and non-members and will take place in addition to the Sunday run at Westridge (Ernie's run).  Check out the information on the special events page.  We need a few volunteers.  Please let Stan know right away if you are available to help on the 22nd.
Safety Reminder
While its unlikely that you'll get lost on any of the scheduled runs, it is possible to miss an arrow and end up off course.  If you come across a major intersection that isn't marked, you probably missed an arrow.  Just back track until you find the turn off you missed. 
Most of the trails we run are well-traveled and you'll likely see other runners and hikers.  If you end up lost you can ask for directions back to the trailhead, if you know the name of the trailhead.  Make sure you know the name of the trailhead  – both the beginning and the finish if the finish is at a different location!!!
See you on Sunday!