December 18, 2007

Secret Trail  12/16/2007
 Our run Sunday was slightly chilly, but gorgeous. The use of the trail by mountain bikers is exacting a toll on the condition of part of this course.  As a result, many of us find it safer to concentrate on our feet rather than the scenery when running.  We missed Kai, because of  back problems, and hope he will be back soon in his usual great spirits.
Santa Ynez/Trippet Ranch/Musch Trail  12/23/2007
Next Sunday is a unique DOUBLE WHAMMY run.  We will have the opportunity to experience both the beautiful Santa Ynez Trail and the Musch Trail on the same run.  You coudn't ask for a better course than that.  And the poison oak is pretty much in  full remission.  Might want to bring gloves for the start, as it can get a little chilly there in the AM.  Hope you don't miss this one!
We will finish out the year in Sycamore Canyon (Lasse Viren Run), then start in on our exciting calendar next year.  Take a look at some of the Special Events, and save those dates on your calendar.  We will do Morgan Creek, off the Ortega Hwy in OC, on Feb. 17th.  Chantry Flats comes up right after taxes on April 20th.  On the March 29-30 weekend we run Santa Cruz Island, with an optional overnighter in Ventura, and a Sunday morning run in Santa Barbara.  Then, Big Sur will be the weekend of May 17-18th.  What more could a fella ask for?