Run With Us

If you're ready to come join us for a run then here's what you do:




Read Run Guidelines then print and complete the application waiver and bring it with you. (We'll also have blank forms.)

Meet us at the trail head 15 minutes before 7am on Sunday morning ready to run. See below for trail head location.

That's it!  Enjoy a wonderful run through the mountains with us. 

 If you need more information, please keep reading...

Why join the Trail Runners Club?

The Trail Runners Club meets every Sunday to run on beautiful courses in the Santa Monica mountains away from the noise, smells and dangers of urban Los Angeles.  Most courses consist of a combination of fire roads and single-track trails.  We have over 40 different courses so we take a new route almost every week.  Most courses are between 8 and 15 miles.  We have members from all walks of life and at every skill level.  All courses are clearly marked specifically for our run so you don't have to worry about getting lost!  We mark every possible turn off, so if you come across an unmarked intersection you probably missed a turn.  Just back track until you find the turn off.

If you like to run with others that's great!  There are lots of members at different paces that would love some company.  If you like to run alone, that's great too!  Just follow the arrows and you won't get lost.

After each run, we relax while waiting for everyone to get back and have refreshments. Members are encouraged to bring something to share.

So you're ready to get started?  We thought so!  Read the guidelines then show up at the right time at the right place which is in the course description of the day.  Bring along a completed application waiver and water.  We'll see you there! :)


  • Camaraderie with fellow trail runners
  • Variety of course types and distances
  • Enjoy the wondrous beauty of the mountains
  • Guidance along the many mountain trails
  • Organized trips to exciting trail running destinations

Club Management

  • Ann Ongena: Club Director
  • Bob Soper: Treasurer
  • Art Byrne: Secretary and Director of Operations
  • Avalon Johnson: Director of social affairs
  • Stan Swartz--Director Emeritus