Deer Me!

Louise had a little extra excitement on our Sept. 6th Yosemite Run:
I had just started back up the Panaroma Trail after crossing the river.  I rounded a bend on the trail and saw a female deer just starting to cross the path.  I know that deer don’t usually travel alone, so I stopped.  Out stepped a fawn, then another fawn!  I heard Ken Kohler coming up the trail and whispered to him to stop, but he had already seen them. When he reached me, we tried walking past the Mama deer.  She flickered her ears at us.  When she began clawing the ground with her rear hoof, we stepped back really quick!  The 3 of them showed no inclination to go back in the bush.  Then John, Carol, Joe and Mary showed up.  Now we were a larger group, but they still didn’t leave the trail.  We decided to begin calmly walking past the 3 of them.  The 2 fawns fled up the trail and disappeared in to the bush close to the path.  Mama ran down the trail.  Now they were apart, but at least we could proceed.  We looked back to make sure Mama wasn’t charging up at us (she wasn’t, thank goodness).
End of the dear tale.  They weren’t bears, but it was kinda exciting.