Done for Donn

Donn 66 Brick.jpg

TRC member Donn----Congratulations on the Mother Road 100 Miler!

Last month I ran with a couple of friends in the Mother Road 100 mile endurance run. The Mother Road 100 was originally going to be a one time only event in 2006, but due to popular demand, it was expanded to a trilogy (every 2 years). The idea was to run 100 miles on historic Route 66 and pass through some of the interesting small towns along the way. The course for this year started in Baxter Springs, KS and followed mostly Route 66 all the way to Catoosa, OK. We had 30 hours to complete the 100 miles. I had never done such a long distance on pavement (and I had never been to Kansas or Oklahoma), so it was going to be a new experience.

The aid stations for this race were sometimes far apart (because they had to be located in towns), so we were fortunate to have a support crew following us. They would drive ahead for a couple of miles and wait for us. (Late in the race, those two miles felt more like 10!)

I really liked this race. The course was fast and runnable, but not quite as flat as I thought it would be. There were some rolling hills along the way. The scenery in between towns was quite nice. We ran by ranches, open plains and beautiful forested areas. I really liked the small towns. We don't get to see anything like that in the big cities. The people were very friendly and supportive.

The first 50 miles went well. I was running easily and chatting with my friends. However, I started struggling around midnight. I was fighting sleepiness and I was cold, as the night time temperature had dropped into the 20's. I had five layers of clothes on plus running tights, and I was still cold. I dropped way behind my friends, who were moving strongly. I was feeling awful, and I started to think that I might not finish the race. However, I knew that once the sun came up I would feel better, so I just needed to keep moving.

Sure enough, once sunrise came, my body felt good again. The sleepiness went away and it started warming up, which was great. I caught up to my friends around mile 80.

The last 10 miles was sheer torture. The hard pavement had taken its toll on everyone's legs, and it felt like a death march. But we all made it to the finish line at Catoosa High School in 28 hours 53 minutes.

We all received a finishers belt buckle and an actual piece (the size of a brick) of the original Route 66 pavement. It was a tough race, but it was fun. I'm sad that this was the final Mother Road 100. Hopefully someone else will pick up the race.