Grand Canyon 2014--Memorial Weekend

The Trail Runners had a successful expedition during the Memorial Weekend to the Grand Canyon. The planning of the Club's trip was methodically carried out perfectly, and thank you Ann for all your exacting work.

With the van commuting us from LA to the Grand Canyon, to the opposite Rim and back and also the return to LA, could not have been possible with the IronMan Art. He drove the van for more than 26 hours this weekend and Art drove flawlessly and returned us safely--He is the best! Many of our runners ran from the North Rim to the South Rim (24+ miles), but some of the Trail Runners even double crossed the span (44 miles) from South to North to South, embarking around 4 AM.

The weather could not have been any better. The thunderstorms abated before our day, and the Rims were almost 50 degrees in the morning, and the inner canyon was only the  low 80's in the day. With the R2Rers, the delightful coasting from the North Rim treated us with magnificent views of the canyon, and we had a treat on the slight diversion to Ribbon Falls--and it was well worth it. The Phantom Ranch refreshed us with cold lemonade before crossing the river and starting up to the Indian Garden and then up 4.6 miles to the South Rim. During the last 3 miles to the finish, several of the runners were singing in unison Aretha Franklin's lyrics, "And it hurts like hell, That's the way it feels". Of Course, the R2R2Rs experienced the double glee and the double discomfort of us. Anyhow, I can't describe what we experienced, so just look at the pics on the Photos/Event Photos/Grand Canyon 2014 section, and imagine how we loved it. -----Ernie