I Will Never Complain Again


My long run is usually about 10 to 14 miles. Sometimes, I complain if a trail is too steep, rocky, or even muddy. I will never complain again. Last weekend, Mieko started running Saturday morning at 8:30AM in Corona, until she finished SUNDAY afternoon at 2:30 PM near Huntington Beach. This was the 100-Miles Club course--all on streets and sidewalks. Just imagine that Mieko was tracking her distance over 93.5 miles for 30 hours.

Two of our other Trail Runner Club members Donn and Patricia, ran this same weekend in the Javelina 100 . This was a 100-miler desert race in Fountain Hills in Arizona, where many runners placed DNFs. Patricia finished the run in 28:42:26 hrs, and we were all proud of her. Donn’s running buddies got a scare from him at the Jackass Junction, which is the 72 mile aid station. At this distance, comparable to almost 3 consecutive marathons, Donn got dizzy and passed out on the ground. He was placed in a cot with a heater in the aid station and rested and recuperated, and then he was taken to HQ. After a few hours, he resolved to return to Javelina 100 in 2011.

Congratulations Mieko, Patricia, and Donn!

No ma’am, I will never complain again.