John's view of Yosemite

Just back from this year's Yosemite special event, John Weiler offered up this review of the new course:

The 4 Mile Trail was not as tough as I imagined.  The last mile or more before Glacier Point was flat enough to run and was a smooth surface.  The views from Glacier Point were spectacular.  The Panorama Trail had wonderful views and a good surface for running but was tougher than I expected.  The Muir trail back to the valley is still the rocky mess it has always been, difficult to run.

I though the run was more difficult than the Cloud's Rest course but with more spectacular scenery.  The view from Cloud's Rest is really great but the trail down from Cloud's Rest does not compare to the Panorama trail for views, scenery, surface or toughness (even though Ernie said it was flat I encountered two good climbs).

I think the prefect Yosemite run would include the climb to Cloud's Rest, then pick up the Panorama Trail to Glacier Point and finish down the 4 Mile Trail.  I don't know how get from Cloud's Rest to the Panorama Trail.  If we take the trail from Cloud's Rest down to Nevada Falls and then pick up the Panorama Trail it may be tougher than most of us are up for.  No doubt Ernie could do it.

No course description is complete without a dig at Ernie's affinity for hills. ;)  Thanks John!