Lake Tenaya to Yosemite Valley 2007

Well, there was a lot of anticipation and apprehension before our Yosemite adventure—a 17+ - mile personal challenge for each of us who took the bus to Tenaya Lake. Of course, to add to our butterflies, the bus was 30 minutes late, but we all took that in stride, even though that meant we would encounter the warm temperatures earlier—no problem! Here we were at Lake Tenaya to begin our adventure. Of course the Early Runners could not get started soon enough, since they would be out there a little longer. Unfortunately, they started off in the wrong direction, and finally discovered their error and doubled back to the start. That would make for a longer day for all eight of them. Each of us had his own trial in a way. For first timers and veterans with short memories, doubts about conditioning grate those recesses in our gray matter. Am I up to the task? What happens if I can’t do it? Fear of heights in that last climb to Cloud’s Rest was foremost in the minds of Daune and Deborah, but they whizzed to the top with flying colors. Carmen was struggling with a bad toe. Doerthe had another demon-- Severe altitude sickness at Cloud’s Rest—with 10 miles to go, and the temperature rising. She dug down deep, and descended to the Valley. She was soon all smiles, after her arrival. Beth and Lilly powered to Cloud’s Rest ahead of the rest of us, then it was a race to the finish, with them both duking it out to the finish at Curry Village. Ernie was up there looking for a shortcut, but never found it. Thomas, Jeff and Naomi tacked on an extra 4 miles by going to Half Dome, and had a great time. In the end, we all made it back—we all conquered our goals and experienced beautiful vistas in the process. At breakfast the next morning, it was all smiles—we all had that inner glow—WE DID IT! We all made it, and it won’t be an experience we will forget. That was fun—I’ll have to do it next year!! Ernie Chalekson



Ernie - Lovely story about our trip. I am now able to rememeber it fondly, although memories of Cloud's Rest and that last scramble do enter my dreams at times....what a fright! Lovely views, excellent weather, friendly bears, great company and conversation....what more could you ask for. Next year? Well...we'll have to see. Daune