The Rim Trail--Sept. 23, 2012

Last Sunday the club ran a 19 miler with an uncommon path looping from Chantry Flat to Mt. Wilson.  From Chantry Flat, we ascended Sturtevant Trail through Spruce Grove and after 4 miles we climbed up to Newcomb Pass.  Reaching the pass, we turned along the Rim Trail that follows to Mt. Wilson.  The trail to Newcomb Pass and the Rim Trail had no crowds, no graffiti, and no bikes and also trees were abundant with a canopy of shade.  However, the Rim Trail was not well maintained, and two runners could never run abreast.  There were strands of poison oak and clumps of poodle bush as we tried to limit our exposure.  We all washed well (individually), and so far we have had no symptoms.  It seems the poodle bush is less potent after the blooms die.  At the Rim Trail, there was a plaque, "Herman Kuhn 1937-1984  He loved mountain running".  You should not run this trail in the winter, since the north side will retain ice on this narrow trail.  After reaching Mt. Wilson, the 3+ hours, then it was all downhill--1 1/2 hour on the Winter Creek Trail and the Hoegee Trail to Chantry Flat.  In retrospect,  the Hoegee Trail is very rocky for our tired ankles, and the Winter Creek Trail directly to Chantry Flat is preferrable.  This was an experience that will be in my memory bank.  You should have been there.