Run the Backbone--Spring 2012

Run The Backbone in Spring 2012
I am pretty excited about this one. This Spring of 2012 will have a unique opportunity to run the entire Backbone Trail with 4 consecutive Sunday legs. The entire trail spans 68 miles from Will Rogers Park to the Ray Miller Trail of Pt. Mugu Park. The 4 legs of 17.8 mi., 18.6 mi., 16.3 mi and 16.0 mi. are sections that will be fairly manageable, and the stringing of these trails will unite the Backbone Trail.
 Leg 1--Will Rogers Park to the top of Hondo Canyon--17.8 miles
From Will Rogers Park we ascend with ocean glimpses of the Santa Monica Bay. The continuation to the Hub will next connect via Eagle Springs Road and Musch Trail. After refreshing-up at Trippet, we casually descend the Dead Horse Trail. After the lush Hondo Canyon, we take one last ascend to the top--finishing the first leg--with a view of the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island and the horizon is almost at the curvature of the earth. Beautiful! After one short trail to Schueren Road, there are fossils embedded into rocks seen at the right.
Leg 2--Schueren Rd. to Kanan Rd--18.6 miles
A short distance to 2,805 ft. Saddle Peak will start with a beautiful ocean vista. After a long descend to Piuma Road, we cross Malibu Canyon Road and climb up the Mesa Peak Motorway (steep long trail). Then from the Corral Canyon parking lot, we run to the parking lot at Kanan Road--the end of the 2nd leg.    
Leg 3-- Kanan Rd. to Mishi Mokwa Parking Lot--16.3 miles
This is a very lush area for the early part of the leg, and we allow us to experience Zuma Canyon and Trancas Canyon. Many of us have not seen this area, and this is an opportunity to see this leg. The trail ends at the Mishi Mokwa parking lot.
Leg 4--Mishi Mokwa to Ray Miller--16.0 miles
This will be your favorite leg of all. After reaching Sandstone Peak--the highest peak at 3,111 ft. of the Santa Monica Mountains, we traverse through the Chamberlain Rock. Finally, we finish the best views of the glimmering Pacific Ocean below the Ray Miller Trail.
This will be a great chance to "Run the Backbone" and experience this venture. Don't miss out. 
However, if you wish to run a shorter run during any 4 Backbone leg, you can run an out and back run from the trailhead from one of our four legs.