Santa Cruz Island trip Spring 2016

It was the most perfect day for a boat ride and a run on the island, we had an amazing crew of runners, the ocean was deadly calm and the weather was just like we wanted it. The boat trip ended up to be a lot of fun. Soon we got close up with sea lions sunning on top of the buoy,  then a small pod of the Common Dolphin came along in the vessels waves. Best of all, we got to witness two Humpback whales breaching. A rather rare event this early in the season, very exciting to watch from close by this species feed on small fish; birds using the occasion to feast along. And how fun was it to get ashore the beach with skiffs instead of stepping on a dock! The run ended up being perfect too, just right for everyone's abilities as you could go farther or just keep it shorter, all we had to care for was to be back on time before the boat would bring us back to the main land. No problem, we all had a little extra time to enjoy a beach lunch on the pic-nic benches.<--break- /><--break- />