Spring Saturday special event runs announced.

For the Spring season we are adding two Saturday special runs, both runs are withing a reasonable driving distance and easily done in a day trip. The Sunday run the following day will stay on the schedule so you'll get a nice double run weekend if you'd like. These special Saturday runs are NOT marked and meant to be as a social run. Everyone gets a map and is encouraged to stay with at least one buddy.

Saturday February 28: Ojai - start at 8am for the Nordhoff loop, 14-15 miles. We'll go for lunch at a great local restaurant with outdoor seating.
Saturday April 11: Mt.Baldy - start at 7am hike up the Skihut trail to the peak, take the Devils Backbone to the Notch and back down. (12 miles with LOTS of steep and technical trails, with options to add extra out&back mileage, get a feel of high altitude at 10,000ft high) Option for lunch at Baldy Village.