TRC Shines in the Ragnar Relay

The Group

Club members gathered under the tutelage of TRC member Art on the weekend of April 23rd - 24th, to compete in the Ragnar Relay from Ventura to Dana Point. This is a 200 mile relay with each member of a 12-man team running 3 legs on very little sleep. The TRC entry was a man short and Michael and Art had to carry the extra load. Out of 282 teams entered, TRC came in second (31 hours, 51 minutes) in the Mixed-Masters category, in spite of having 3 runners in their 50’s and 3 runners in their 60’s. Congratulations to Art, Amanda (Art’s daughter), Avalon, Bob, Daniel, Donn, Eva, Irving, Michael, Kimberly, and Mieko! Next year they are threatening to wear costumes—Oh my! Check out the