Two INKnBURN Badass Mommas

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Meet the team--Ann and Skye

Competing in the "TransRockies run" six days stage race in the high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Photo by Garry Valle.

Teams of two run together from start to finish, a total of 120 miles; 20,000 ft of elevation gain in the steep and rugged mountains at high altitude from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek. Each day (stage) is run from point to point with an official timed start and finish and has its winners and awards. Day after day volunteers put up a tent camp where runners can rest, eat, sleep, take hot showers and get massages while socializing with other trail runners from around the world, elite and non elite.
For Skye it's the first TransRockies run experience, for Ann the third year. Ann is a Trail Runners Club member (and a regular course marker) and Skye is her good friend to share long miles with on the trails.
Skye is 40 and Ann 49, so with the combined age of 89 they will compete in the 80+ women's category.
The biggest challenge is being able to run competitively day after day over steep and technical terrain at high altitude while both staying healthy and uninjured, keeping it fun and challenging while respecting each other feelings and capability. As you run as a team together, you can only move as fast as the slower of the two. For both there are good days and bad days, maybe a good day for one while the other has a bad day, giving each other some tough love is key to support and motivate each other day after day when muscles are sore and the body is tired. But the mind gets a vacation because all you can think about is: get up/run/eat/sleep and repeat that for six days. You only have to take care of yourself, get showered, get your blisters taken care of, be on time for dinner and have some fun during the daily awards at night before finding that warm sleeping bag in your tent and get a good night rest. By 9pm most are sound asleep and by 6am right before sunrise everyone gets ready again for the day.

Why the team name "Two INKnBURN BadAss Mommas"?
"Two": Ann & Skye
"INKnBURN": They will be wearing INKnBURN gear, running gear designed by artists and made 100% in CA
"BadAss": After Skye completed her first 50 mile race fall 2012 in heavy rain and fog, on slippery muddy trails in the Marin Headlands but with a big smile on her face the entire day, Ann thought her friend Skye was a real badass! Ann herself ran only half of the race as she was sick with a throat infection after completing another hard 50mile trail race only five days before, so Skye thought her friend Ann was a real badass to travel with her and showing up at the dark and wet 5am start to run 50 miles.

"Mommas": Above all Ann & Skye are mothers!
Skye has three little boys: Shane 7, Ryan 5, Dylan 4 and husband John, a dog and two cats. She works full time and still makes magic happen to find some time for herself working out and running long distances on the trails. Skye has been a runner since high school and used to go backpacking in college. Skye loves how running makes her feel stronger in life; she is fast and everyone's sweetheart.
Ann is the mother of five children: Alexander 23, Eveline 21, Catherine 19, Helena 17, Benjamin 15 and husband Bert. A stay-at-home mom since her fourth was on the way. With a husband working hard and traveling a lot, she had her hands full with raising children and doing household chores. It's only since recent years after moving with the family from Belgium to California that she found time to do something for herself. As an outdoor lover short hikes became runs and those soon became long outings on the trails. Ann is not super fast but is strong and relentless.
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