Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Fun Run

Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Fun Run

Mileage: 10 miles
Total Elevation gain: 1,932 ft

Get your run in and your sweat on before the festivities start and the feasting begins.

A fun run, FREE of charge, EVERYONE welcome.

This run starts in Santa Ynez Canyon in Palisades Highlands. After a flat run through a cool, lush canyon, we climb to a fire road above Trippet Ranch. We continue up the fire road around Eagle Peak, along a level stretch with good San Fernando Valley and Ocean views and then drop down through Trailer Canyon to return to the starting point.

This run will be marked early morning, ready for us to start at 7am.
There will be refreshments when you finish.

Invite your friends and family, walkers or hikers are welcome too.
They can go out for time and turn around after 1 hr, this way they will be back at the cars by the time the runners get back.

The start is in a neighborhood, so please keep voices down a bit at the start.
Not everyone gets up and going early on Thanksgiving!

The event is finished.


Nov 23 2023


7:00 am


Santa Ynez Trailhead
Santa Ynez Trailhead

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