Rocky Peak from Corriganville Park

Rocky Peak from Corriganville Park

Mileage: 18 miles
Elevation gain: 4,000 ft

BRING PLENTY WATER  and snacks on the run, there is none on the course and the second half of the run can get HOT.This is a course for experienced trail runners who enjoy single track, quad burning hills and a challenge!For those that want to go shorter: you can go out&back to where the Chumash single track trail starts, which is 4.5mile out so you’ll still get a nice 9 mile run in. (or turn around whenever you prefer) Expect to hike A LOT, which is OKAY!!!
As you climb out of Corriganville Park and up Rocky Peak you’ll see some of the most beautiful views in Ventura County.Where: Corriganville Park. 7001 Smith Road, Simi Valley.
Drive onto the parking lot which is on your left through the gate, if the gate is not open yet, you can park along the street.
There’s a potty on the parking lot and a little further up the trail too, with some potable water also.

The event is finished.


Apr 16 2023


7:00 am


Corrigonville Park, Simi Valley
7001 Smith Road, Simi Valley

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