Sullivan to Murphy Ranch

Sullivan to Murphy Ranch

Fun run suggested and marked by Chris, you know it will be an interesting run when you see his name, haha …

Distance= 12 miles
Elevation gain= 1,972 ft

We’ll run the Sullivan Loop counter-clockwise (up the canyon, then down the ridge). Before finishing the loop, we’ll take a detour down into Murphy Ranch and see the ruins of a 1930s Nazi sympathizer compound.
At about mile 8, where dirt becomes pavement at the Josepho Camp sign, continue 0.1 mile past Josepho. We’ll turn right and take a single track trail down to Murphy.
At about mile 9, we’ll see signs for “Will Rogers Non Maintained” and “Backbone”. To the left, you’ll see the fenced in remains of Murphy Stables. We’ll go straight and do 0.3 miles on the non maintained trail, which is runnable, except a few tree limps to go over and under. Back on pavement, we then arrive at the graffitied Power House and the “Garden” (waist high concrete building).

No Murphy Ranch visit would be complete without doing some stairs. We’ll do two staircases, 130 steps and then 500 steps. Paved Sullivan will take us to the goat trail to go back down to the canyon and the finish.
Unmarked optional out and back: At mile 9, take the trail up to the Backbone. It’s a 0.7 mile climb up to the Backbone. Take a left and it’s another 0.25 to the “Bridge” for a great view.

The event is finished.


Apr 24 2022


7:00 am

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